Welcome to my Artworld 

Art of the Barcode & QR-Code

I'm Mala Ramcharan from the Netherlands. 
Through studies, courses, and exploring various techniques and materials, over the past years I have developed my unique artistic style, "The Barcode,".
Around 2000, I began exhibiting my work. People mostly feel joy and wear a smile when they see my paintings, confirming the intended emotion, this is my inner success. Sharing the story and inspiration behind each painting adds another layer of happiness. I aim to embody generosity and compassion through my dedication to contribute to society, especially to the less privileged orphaned children in Suriname, showcasing the profound impact of art beyond aesthetics My paintings aren't just art, they're a part of me, conveying a message of kindness and positivity to the world.
Thank you for letting me share my artist's journey with you.

Titel: Barcode - Dare to Be Yourself -1-

Titel: Barcode - Dare to Be Yourself -2-

Titel: Barcode - Hi Ma La Ya 001-24

Titel: Barcode -  Dance 

Titel: Barcode - Dare to Be Yourself

Titel: Barcode - "Margaret's Hot Chocolate Society"

Titel: Barcode - Selfie Kiss 


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