Welcome to my Artworld 

Art of the Barcode & QR-Code

I'm Mala Ramcharan from the Netherlands. 


"Inspired by groundbreaking developments in society, from the evolution of barcodes to QR codes, from pens to Android, from sheep to Dolly, from human to Sophie, from cows and Veganboys to Margaret.
Over the past 25 years, I have developed a unique style and am known as 'the woman of the barcode.' My art combines realism and fiction in a humorous way, with each painting telling its own story of modern society. I strive to give depth to my work through self-reflection, highlighting various societal elements and connecting people. My goal is to unite art and social awareness and to bring about positive change. Together, we can create a happier society. With my creative mindset, I organize beautiful moments for children from two orphanages with the proceeds from my art."
In my pursuit of artistic, social, and cultural awareness, I position myself as a contemporary artist.

Thank you for letting me share my artist's journey with you.


Titel: Barcode - Dare to Be Yourself -1-

Titel: Barcode - Dare to Be Yourself -2-

Titel: Barcode - Hi Ma La Ya 001-24

Titel: Barcode -  Dance 

Titel: Barcode - Dare to Be Yourself

Titel: Barcode - "Margaret's Hot Chocolate Society"

Titel: Barcode - Selfie Kiss 


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