Barcode - Hi Ma La Ya 001-24, size 50x150cm

Barcode: Dare to be yourself, (V) size 60x80 cm

Barcode: Colour, (m) size 60x80cm 

Barcode:  Dance 001-24, size 80x120cm

Barcode - Margaret's Hot Chocolate Sociëty 001-24, size 70x100cm

Barcode: 2023-06- "Dare To Be Yourself - Dachshund,

size 80x120cm  (na)

Barcode:  "Dare To Be Yourself ", size 80x120cm


Barcode:  Dance, size 80x120cm   (na)

QR code:  "Zoo ", size 70x100cm

Barcode: High Cow Sociëty, size 50 x100cm 

Barcode - Margaret, Dolly & Spot - 001-24, size 70x100cm

Barcode - Margaret,s Hot Chocolate Sociëty                      size 70x100cm  (na)

QR code - Selfiekiss 002 size 100x100cm

Barcode: "Watch for the Chick", size 80x80cm 

Barcode code: "Under The Mistletoe", size 80x80cm 

Barcode: 2023-01 -  "Dresscode", size 100x100cm 

Barcode: 2023-01- "Tulips on Clogs", size 100x100cm 

Barcode: "Golf Season with Helen & Sunil in the Poppy Fields", size 70x120cm   (na)

Barcode: "Imagine Heal the World", size 100x150cm 

Barcode: Behind the clothing we are all human, size 60x120cm

Barcode: Dare to be Yourself, size 70x120cm (na)

QR Code "Selfie Kiss", size 1m x 120cm

Barcode: Elephants, size 100x150cm 

Barcode: Enjoy the Dance, size - 60x120cm 

Barcode: High Cow Sociëty, size 50 x100cm 

Barcode: Celebrating the Golf season, size 50x150cm

Barcode: High Cow Sociëty, size 50 x100cm (ku)

Barcode: The Tukkers Golf Society, size 70x150cm (na)

Confusion about Balls and Eggs, size 70cm x 120cm

Barcode: Betty's golftour in Toscany, size 70x120cm

Barcode: "High Tea Society", size: 120x 60cm (na)

Barcode: High Tea Society Proverb, size 100cm x 150 cm (na)

Barcode Heisessie (Heyday), size 100cm x 120 cm

Barcode: Culture Dance Black and White, size 60x120 cm (ku)

Barcode: Culture Dance Colour, size 60x120cm (na)

Barcode: Selfiestick, size 60x120cm (ku)

Barcode, golfcontest 70cmx1m

Barcode: Mis Bertha Butchers Election, size 40x120cm

QR / Barcode "Butchers Final Vote for Miss Bertha",

size  60x120cm

Barcode: Let me take a Selfie, size 40x120cm

Proverbs, size 60x120cm

Betty's High Heel Golf Contest, size 30cm x 30 cm

Betty's Fist High Heel course in Tuscany, size 30cm x 30cm

Selfie Fun with Animals, size 30cm x 30cm

2 Schapen in Rood , size 40cm x 60cm

Barcode: "High Tea Society", size 1m x150cm (na)

Barcode: Atie, size 100cm x 100cm (na)

Golfcourse, size: 100cm x 80cm (na)

Barcode: Betty's Golf contest in Tuscany, size 1x1m

Barcode, Golf on High Heels in Tuscany, size 100x150cm (na)

Barcode: High Tea Society De la Penha", size 100x120cm (na)

Meeting, size 100x100 cm

Barcode: Fast Turtle Ride, size 100x100cm

Barcode: The Red Hat Society, size 100 x100cm (na)

The Red Hat Dance, size 40x30cm (na)

Betty's Beauty Club 001, size 100cm x 100cm

Enjoy Life, size 100x120cm (na)

Barcode: "De Tafel van Jeanne",

size 100x120cm (na)

Barcode: "High Tea Society", size: 120x 60cm (na)

Barcode: Fast snail keeps you fit,

size: 100x120cm  (ku) 

Barcode: Divali, size: 60cm x 80cm

Barcode: Dance Culture", size 60cm x 80cm

Fietsers in de lente, size: 40cm x 60cm

Fietsers in de lente 2, size: 40cm x 60cm